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A lot of positive changes has come to our Son’s life with the therapies from Lifecare counseling center. Elizabeth Mam was really interested in understanding my problems and she had spent a lot of time to completely understand the situation. This was a really good experience for me! The approach of the counselor is of a very special mention. Good going!


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Our son has taken around 6 sessions till date from Lifecare Counseling Center. We see a positive change in his overall personality and wait for a complete recovery very soon.

Neel K.C

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We have joined hands with Lifecare Counseling Center for the past two weeks. Now my son enjoys great peace of mind and has a good grip on his emotions, especially anger. I am happy with the rapid and visible changes!


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I feel a sort of relief like a knot has been untied and that gives me an immense amount of happiness.

Karthika V.J

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I feel calm and relaxed. I feel positive and good. I really feel free of burden and tension. My mind is clear and clean

Sreenidhi P. Shenoy

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I will always do what’s good, will not make others hurt, will care for everyone, will not steal, will forgive everyone who doesn’t wrong to and with always do what is good and acceptable by others, will always be earn with others

Nidhi S Vargehes

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I am feeling very relaxed. I feel that I have healed myself and I feel happy because what I wanted from others. I gave that to myself

Anju Price

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A lot of happiness,
A good thought,
A good life,
A good character,
A good sister for my brother,
Support my brother,
Love my family,
Be a good daughter for my parents

Anugraha Shibu

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Had an idea about what and who I am,
Will make a better relationship with my husband,
Aiming for bringing win- win situation,
I will reframe the sentence before I speak,
I will follow the things liked my husband to do

Thank you very much

Nikhila Promod

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Each word from her make me so much relaxed and let me free as a bird. Her helping mentality, caring is also amazing, may God shower all the blessings upon her and her counseling center.

Sara Sheffy


A very good place for counseling and child development. My kid got complete relief from all stress and strains that she felt with her studies under the sincere guidance of Smt. Elizabeth. I express my sincere gratitude

- Dr. Suja Sreekumar

As I was feeling stressed with my studies ,my sessions with Dr. Elizabeth John has really help me build up my confidence and showed me smart and effective ways to study. The counselling from Life Care helped to improve myself. A great thanks to the whole team...👍

- Tom Mathew

A bunch of highly professional counsellors who can provide a wide variety of evidence based techniques and therapeutic approaches tailored to meet individual specific needs and circumstances. The whole team is awesome. Highly recommend anyone 👍👍

- Navin Thomas

It was very nice experience which I got from life care counseling center. All the staffs and doctors are highly professionally talented. I express my sincere thanks to counseling center management for there services.

- Vyas Dunia

She is really good at finding the core reason ...for me in the first section itself she found out the base reason ... based on the personality

- Neenu Jeenu

I am feeling happy right now because of life care counseling team.all services are available there for mental health and study related matters.Thank you so much Elizabeth madam and team members.

- Sreeja K Nair

Very good place for children and youth counseling. Near ettumanoor, Kottayam

- Pradeep Narayanan

Now I'm very Happy....Feeling like a new Good girl....I forgot all my problems by the help of Elizabeth Madam...She is very friendly... I like her very much....

- Jeeva K N

Very good atmosphere.feeling good.its help me to create positive i am free from lot of stress😊😊😊😊😊

- Athira Soman