Online Malayalam Counselling

At Lifecare we provide online platform for counselling services. At all times our experienced counsellors provide you with expert counselling services in Malayalam for Individuals, family , couples , Children and adolescents. If you live and work abroad, you don’t have to fly to Kerala for counselling, make use the benefit of our tele-Counselling service!

Benefits of Online Counselling at Lifecare

  • You can opt the service of a male or female counsellor, as per your convenience.
  • 24X7 service
  • Your details will be highly confidential
  • Well experienced Counsellors
  • Friendly and empathetic approach
  • Affordable
  • Assured solutions to your problems

Who can Book for Online Counselling at Lifecare

  • Parents of Children and adolescents
  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Couples

How Do I get started?

Step 1

Fill up the contact form

Step 2

Instantly, receive an​ ​e-mail​ outlining the sessions, fee structure and further details. Each session can last for one hour.

Step 3

Pay the fee, depending on the number of sessions you wish to book.

Step 4

After first session, your counsellor will give you advice on the need for further sessions.
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