Multiple Intelligence Based Career Guidance

Every parent will pass through a stage of confusion regarding the higher studies of their child. The parents usually brainstorm on selecting the course for their children. The Lifecare team is the happiest to solve all these common issues. First of all, it has to be understood that you should not focus only on the scores to decide upon the stream of higher studies because, the scores may be a result of only his hard work. The key element to be thought of, is the interest and skills of your child, along with the scores.

What is Multiple Intelligence?

Normally human possess 9 types of intelligence called the multiple intelligence. But out of these nine, a single kind will be prominent in each child. Multiple talents are simply, the areas of interest of your child. The set of multiple talents varies from child to child.

The Multiple Intelligence Types:

Naturalistic intelligence
Interest in farming, hunting, etc.
Musical intelligence
Interest towards the rhythm, tones, vocal music, etc.
Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
Interest towards calculation, reasoning, analysis, etc.
Existential Intelligence
Interest towards human existence, the meaning of life, etc.
Interpersonal intelligence
Extraordinary interactive skills
Bodilinestic intelligence
Interest towards the body structure
Linguistic intelligence
Brilliant language skills
Intrapersonal intelligence
Self-analysis skills
Spacial intelligence
Imagination and artistic skills
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Role of Multiple Intelligence in Career selection

Through scientifically proven tests, our career counsellor identifies the prominent intelligence in your child. Based on the real interests and tastes of the child the counsellor advices on the career and course in which your child will certainly excel. Authentically speaking, we have to filter out the multiple intelligence in your child to find out the most suitable career. And the career and stream of higher studies have to be opted according to that. A professional check for the above mentioned Multiple intelligence is performed to figure out the prominent ones. Based on the detailed reports generated, we will have a round of discussion to finalize the stream of your child's higher secondary studies, higher education, or career.

When Should I Check my Child’s Multiple Intelligence?

Once your child has reached the ninth or tenth grade, we can evaluate his multiple talents.

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How Do Our Career Counsellor Help you?

  • Career guidance based on multiple intelligence
  • Information about different courses
  • The course content
  • New trends in each course
  • Branches of the course
  • Fee structure and education loan facilities
  • Institutions offering the course inside and outside Kerala
  • Entrance tests
  • Admission procedures
  • Scholarships
  • Higher studies related with the course
  • Job opportunities and Nature of work

Career Guidance Services at Lifcare

  • Career guidance seminars and orientation programmes in association with schools and colleges
  • Multiple intelligence based aptitude Test and gives the assessment report
  • Multiple intelligence based career guidance
  • Personality Development
  • Interview Techniques

Benefits you get at Lifecare

  • Affordable
  • Your details will be highly confidential
  • Multiple intelligence testing and report based career guidance
  • Service of highly experienced career counsellor
  • We assure your success

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