Individual Counselling

Share your feelings and problems with our trained counsellors in a safe, caring and confidential environment. Come out from all your issues!

What is Individual Counselling?

In an individual counselling process, you can have personal communication with an expert counsellor to explore your personal concerns, challenges and the haunting memories. You are starting a journey with your counsellor, through your problems. A professional counsellor helps you with immediate triggers and the best possible solutions to your problems. At the beginning of Counselling process, you might be going through intense pain caused by problems like anxiety, depression, loss, grief, suicidal thoughts etc.. and the counselling has been shown to reduce the hurts more bearable. An effective Counselling grooms yourself into a classy person!

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What are the benefits you get from Individual Counselling?

An Individual Counselling benefits you by bringing, in better self-confidence and ability to understand yourself and others. When you notice certain conflicts and issues which bother you frequently, an Individual Counselling can help you move forward in a better way. You might be refreshed in various means as listed here,

  • Get relaxed from your problems
  • Ability to settle conflicts and issues
  • Free from haunting memories
  • Attaining self esteem
  • Set personal goals
  • Resolving behavioural problems
  • Developing Positive thinking
  • You start to love your life

In general, you will be a new person at the moment!

Features of Individual Counselling at Lifecare

  • Keeps your details highly confidential
  • Affordable
  • One-to- One Communication
  • Highly experienced counsellors
  • Listen to your problems patiently, without time frame
  • Holistic approach, to heal your hurts
  • Assured Recovery from your problems
Life Care Counselling Centre

Issues Under Individual Counselling

People seek counselling for a wide variety of reasons. If you have suffered from any kind of self-defeating disputes in life as listed below and struggles to overcome, you may benefit from an Individual Counselling.

  • Procrastination
  • Escape from haunting memories
  • Anger, grief
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Stress, tension
  • Lost feeling
  • Love affair issues
  • Abuse
  • Negative thinking
  • Addiction
  • Lack of Self Esteem
  • Self-Harming
  • Suicidal thoughts

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