Family and Couple Counselling

Overcome all your relationship problems through the friendly and professional counselling sessions. Feel better at the moment!

What is Family and Couple Counselling?

A Couple counselling focuses on improving the relationship between the two adults engaged in a long term relationship. But family therapy concentrates on behavioural, emotional or mental disabilities of an individual in the family. During both the sessions, our counsellors set up a convenient and secure environment to have a clear understanding of your problems.We understand each and every relationship is unique and grooms you to develop into a better individual. Follow up as suggested, and feel more and more comfortable after every session. Our evidence-based methodologies ensure a change at the earliest.

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What are the benefits you get from Family and Couple Counselling?

When you come for a family and couple counselling, the therapists usually assists the couple in improving their process of communication. This communication process will be encouraged, after understanding each other’s point of view. As couples improve their communication, they feel that their connection with each other deepens and strengthens. You might be refreshed in various means as listed here,

  • Increase your intimacy
  • Ability to cooperate more effectively in parenting your children
  • Support each other to manage stress and tension
  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Manages disputes in a more peaceful manner
  • Developing Positive thinking towards life
  • You start to love your family life and relationship

In general, you will be a new partner at the moment!

Features of Family and Couple Counselling at Lifecare

  • Keeps your details highly confidential
  • Affordable
  • Highly experienced counsellors, efficient to deal with conflicts between couples
  • Listen to your problems individually, without time frame
  • Holistic approach, to heal your issues in the relationship
  • Assured Recovery from your family problems
Life Care Counselling Centre

Issues Under Family and Couple Counselling

A family must be a source of support and encouragement in one’s life. But sometimes, relationships within families are put under pressure. If you face these issues in your family, and struggles to overcome, you may benefit from a family and couple Counselling.

  • Relationship Problems between couples
  • Family life and Parenting
  • Separation and Divorce
  • Frequent arguing
  • Disagreements
  • Angry outbursts
  • Avoidance
  • Physical conflicts
  • Problems with step-family life
  • Money problems
  • Extramarital relationships

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