Child and Adolescent Counselling

Let your children spend some time with our counsellors to know what suit them the best? It is not counselling, but a gaming session!

What is Child and Adolescent Counselling?

Child counselling helps children to cope better with their emotions, understand problems, make positive choices and poor performance in studies. Our friendly counsellors encourage your child to express their feelings through one of different means like talking, artwork, telling stories, drama , play etc...

Teens open their thoughts, feelings and concerns to the counsellors than to the parents, because they think Counselling is a safe place for them to solve their problem

Life Care Counselling Centre

What are the benefits you get from Child and Adolescent Counselling?

Our expert counsellors respect and believe the stories and emotions of our young clients. Give them voice, to speak by assuring support to overcome the problem. Our treatment approach includes the parents also, because life of a child or a teen is intensely linked with the parents. After a child and adolescent counselling at Lifecare, your child might be refreshed in various means as listed here,

  • Acquire social skills
  • Ability to cooperate more effectively with problems
  • Solutions to all study related problems
  • Emotional attachment breaking from the partner in love failure problems
  • Effective recovery in case of Sexual abuse
  • Escape from suicidal thoughts
  • Relief from anxiety, stress
  • Developing Positive thinking towards life
  • Your child starts to love the life

In general, your child will be an enthusiastic and energetic kid at the moment!

Features of Child and Adolescent Counselling at Lifecare

  • Keeps your details highly confidential
  • Affordable
  • Highly experienced counsellors, efficient to deal with young minds
  • If assessment test needed, it is done by RCI certified clinical psychologists
  • Listen to the problems individually, without time frame
  • Holistic approach, to heal the issues of your child
  • In addition to child, the parent also get counselling in case of necessity
  • Assured Recovery from any problem
Life Care Counselling Centre

Issues Under Child & Adolescent Counselling

Liberate your child from any of their haunting problems! We help you identify the symptoms and to handle the situation with extreme care and to transform into an active kid. Listen the issues,

  • Learning disability and calculation difficulties
  • special training for Slow learners
  • Assessment test and special training for IQ, Autism, ADHD and ADD
  • Personality assessment tests
  • Video Game and Internet Addiction
  • Screen addiction
  • Love affairs
  • Sexual abuse
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Parents split up
  • Lack of social interaction
  • Personality disorders
  • Domestic abuse and violence
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Stress, tension
  • Grief, loss
  • Multiple intelligence based Career Guidance support

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